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MooGoo Oncology Bundle

MooGoo Oncology Bundle

A bundle of our MooGoo bestsellers.


MooGoo used to sell this bundle of products as their MooGoo Oncology Care Pack but they have recently updated the products in the new MooGoo Oncology Care Pack. We are still offering the original bundle  - all carefully wrapped in our CancerPal Care Box packaging.


Following chemo or radiation therapy, many patients suffer from dry, red, irritated and sensitive skin which can be uncomfortable and painful. The MooGoo Oncology Bundle contains MooGoo's most popluar products to help patients hydrate, protect, soothe and care for their skin during and after treatment and is the perfect self-care gift if you or a loved one is undergoing cancer treatment.


Each pack contains:

💙 Natural Skin Milk Udder Cream 120g

💙 Natural Milk Wash 500ml

💙 Fresh Cream Deodorant Lemon Myrtle 60ml

💙 Natural Cow Lick Lip Balm 5g

  • Natural Skin Milk Udder Cream - 120g
    A soothing, lightweight repair moisturiser that will help hydrate, protect, and nourish the skin during and after treatment. As a result, many medical professionals picked up on its effectiveness and it is now recommended by a number of oncologists and nurses nationwide.


    Natural Milk Wash - 500ml
    A gentle cleanser that was originally formulated as a face wash, but MooGoo decided that the rest of our skin deserves the same TLC. This formula uses low-irritant coconut and glucose based cleansers that are kind to sensitive, irritated skin and won’t strip it of its natural oils and cause further drying.

    Fresh Cream Deodorant Lemon Myrtle - 60g
    Uses natural ingredients to help create a skin environment that prevents odour-causing bacteria. No bacteria, no smell.


    Cow Lick Lip Balm 5g

    Contains hydrating oils such as Jojoba Oil and Coconut


    We recommend you consult your oncology team before using any new skincare products.

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