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Dermaworks Cryotherapy Ice Globes for Face and Eyes

Dermaworks Cryotherapy Ice Globes for Face and Eyes

Cryotherapy means 'cold therapy' and it has been used for centuries to aid muscle recovery, stimulate blood circulation, promote lymphatic detox and improve immune health. 


These Cryotherapy Ice Globes are both cooling and refreshing  and can help to relieve headaches that may be caused by treatment.  Patients on steroids have also used these Ice Globes to help reduce puffiness around the face and eyes.


Dermaworks Cryotherapy Ice Globes do: 

  • Reduce under eye puffiness and redness 
  • Stimulate blood flow circulation and flush out toxins
  • De-stress and aid muscle relaxation 
  • Reduces redness, irritation and inflammation
  • Helps to heal skin reduce scars 


  • We are aware that there are cheaper 'ice globes' out there, but we have specifically chosen to stock Dermaworks Chryotherapy Ice Globes because they are real, sub-zero ice globes with proven cryotheraputic benefits, as opposed to the cheaper 'cooling' ice globes.


    If you want real, skin transforming results, a ‘cooling’ tool isn’t going to do the trick. You need ice globes because your skin needs the effects of cold shock to increase oxygenated blood flow and kick-start a skin rejuvenating process. Dermaworks Cryotherapy Ice Globes are made with borosilicate glass which is designed to be frozen so that you get the full benefits of a real cryotherapy treatment.


    If your skin concerns include, puffy eyes, dark circles, redness, inflammation, dull skin, sagging skin, fatigued looking skin, wrinkles, oily skin, enlarged pores and acne, this is the most important tool that’s missing from your skincare kit.


    Why choose our Cryotherapy Ice Globes?

    There are many ways to use your ice globes, multiple treatments and a multitude of remarkable benefits;

    • Tightens and sculpts skin, refines contours and reduces wrinkles
    • Wakes up tired eyes and gives your skin a fresh, healthy look 
    • Reduces redness, irritation and inflammation 
    • Helps improve blood circulation and flush out toxins
    • Helps to heal skin reduce scars 
    • Eases muscle tension  

    Dermaworks Cryotherapy Ice Globes can also help you to enjoy some relaxing ‘me time’ in order to help de-stress your mind as well as your skin.

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