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Medosan Narbengel Scar Gel

Medosan Narbengel Scar Gel

Medosan Narbengel Scar Gel is for use on scars caused by acne, burns, injuries or skin infections and for raised scars. Narbengel Scar gel is used to obscure scars or to reduce the formation of scar tissue. It is easy to apply the gel to the scar, it is not sticky and it dries quickly.


Medosan Narbengel Scar Gel can be used on:

  • New and already existing scars.
  • Reduction of hypertrophic and keloid scar formation, after (deep) wounds.
  • Closed (stitched) wounds after surgery, infection or other damage to the skin.
  • A closed burn.
  • Acne scars, also when they are located deep in the skin.


The gel reduces the formation of scars and obscures hypertrophic and keloid scar formation that may have been created by burns, acne, surgeries, injuries and skin infections.


Raised scars can also be treated with the gel. The gel can be applied to both new and existing scars. If Scar gel is used, scars will become flatter, softer, more elastic and less visible. In addition, Medosan Narbengel Scar gel will relieve skin redness, discolouration and thickening of the skin, itching, and the gel will also reduce the pain of scars. The sooner the scar is treated with Scar gel, the smaller the chance of a permanent scar.


As soon as the wound is closed and healed, or the sutures have been removed. In case of an existing scar, you can start using it immediately.


  • Clean the scar with water and dry. Apply the gel in a very thin layer. Massage the gel twice a day in a circular motion into the scar and surrounding skin. Allow the gel to dry (4 to 5 minutes). Any surplus gel can be removed with a cloth or tissue. When the gel has dried, you will be able to apply cosmetics if you want to.

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