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MooGoo Tinted Face Cream SPF40

MooGoo Tinted Face Cream SPF40

Some cancer treatments can cause the general tone of your skin to become paler or blotchy and uneven. If you want to smooth out your complexion and get a sunkissed look, without exposing your skin to the sun, MooGoo Natural Tinted Face Cream with SPF40 can help.


This natural cream can help to smooth out the skin tone whilst protecting skin with broad spectrum SPF40.


MooGoo sun care products use Zinc Oxide for sun protection as it acts as a physical barrier on the skin reflecting UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. It has natural moisturising oils for hydration, and minerals to add a natural tan coloured tint with no chemical UV filters, penetration enhancers, PEG's or synthetic preservatives. 


  • A tinted cream with natural broad spectrum sun protection
  • Zinc Oxide instead of UV filters for long-lasting sun protection
  • SPF 40 protects skin from 98% of UV radiation
  • Iron Oxide is what gives this cream it’s skin tone colour




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