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Oncology Recommended | MooGoo Natural Magnesium Moisturiser

Oncology Recommended | MooGoo Natural Magnesium Moisturiser

The benefits of using creams and oils that contain Magnesium are now well-established. Magnesium is proven to lessen the sensation of pain and muscular discomfort, help relaxation and cellular repair. 


MooGoo created this concentrated moisturiser with 20% of bioavailable Magnesium Chloride per tube, made possible using an advanced natural emulsion system. This is combined with the well known MooGoo moisturising base and natural preservation system to avoid the sting that can be associated with topical Magnesium on first application.


Just like other MooGoo moisturisers, it’s made with skin-loving, healthy and soothing ingredients. So in addition to delivering Magnesium, this creamy moisturiser also calms, and hydrates dry, irritable skin following chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.


Free of Parabens and Phenoxyethanol.


120g tube


Always read the label before use.

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