Coronavirus Update: We understand this is a worrying time and people are understandably concerned about receiving items through the post. We want to reassure you that our small team works from home, we are socially distancing and the products in our cancer gift boxes are sanitised before they are sent to you. Many of the products in our online shop are sent directly from our listed suppliers, many of whom are small companies who are socially distancing while working from home. We will continue to ship orders within the UK and internationally while it is safe  for us to do so, but please bear with us as there may be delays in our delivery timescales, 

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Helping you support your loved one with cancer

When my amazing Mum was diagnosed with cancer, I felt completely helpless - I didn't know what to do or say to help.

I spent hours & hours looking for practical and emotional ways to support and comfort Mum. 

I set up CancerPal to provide the information & advice that I was looking for, so that other family & friends can provide the best possible support for their loved ones.

CancerPal provides practical tips, helpful advice and recommendations from people who have been there.

In our online shop, we carefully curate products that have been recommended to help ease the nasty side effects of cancer treatment.

Products to ease cancer side effects

Products that have been recommended by those going through cancer to help ease side effects.  

Cancer Headwear
Hair Growth
Hair Regrowth
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Empathy Cards

It can be hard to know what to say when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Typical 'Get Well Soon' cards can seem inappropriate. These fab 'Empathy Cards' can help you find just the right words.

Care Boxes to support and comfort

When someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer we often feel helpless. CancerPal offers practical and helpful gift boxes, to show your support. 

#Cancer Tips

Quick tips that can make a big difference.​



News and views from the CancerPal team and guests.

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