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Oncology Approved | MEME Hand and Foot Serum

Oncology Approved | MEME Hand and Foot Serum

MEME Hand and Foot Serum has been specially created for cancer patients, to to soothe, nourish and repair very dry and damaged hands and feet.


MEME Hand and Foot Serum is fast absorbing with a non greasy finish, perfect for the delicate skin on hands and feet, especially those weakened by cancer treatments, sensitive or atopic skin.


  • Fights against dryness
  • Provides comfort (less tightness, stinging, burning sensations)
  • Moisturises and nourishes daily
  • 99% ingredients of natural origin & vegan


50 ml


Always read the label before use.

    • The skin on the hands and feet is particularly fragile. They are put to the test all day long by our daily activities meaning that skin can become damaged, fragile and dry, which in turn can cause tightness, itchiness and even pain on your hands and feet.


      This is especially true when you are undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or targeted therapies, meaning you are more prone to intense dryness of the feet and hands, or even hand-foot syndrome. It is therefore important to take care of these particularly demanding areas with a very nourishing Hand and Foot Serum.


      The formulation of MEME Hand and Foot Serum absorbs quickly to soften and intensely moisturise the skin of the hands and feet and fight against dryness. 

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