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Reliefband® 50 Hours | Nausea Relief Wristband

Reliefband® 50 Hours | Nausea Relief Wristband

Reliefband® 50 Hours is an economical, digital therapeutic device indicated for use in the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, motion sickness, anxiety and physician-diagnosed migraines. Reliefband is also indicated as an adjunct to antiemetic therapy in reducing postoperative nausea.


Reliefband® 50 Hours lasts 50 full hours of usage time (the device can be turned off when not in use).


    • Long Lasting Relief
    • 100% Drug-Free
    • Clinically Proven
    • Works Within Minutes
    • FDA-Cleared
    • Zero Side Effects
    • Fits Wrist Sizes 4.5”-9.5”
    • 5 Level Settings
    • 50 Hours of Total Use
    • On/Off for Optimal Battery Usage


    Please note that the batteries are not replaceable in the Reliefband 50. Once the batteries die, the device will no longer work. We stock the Reliefband 50 for users that require nausea relief for a short period of time e.g. while going through chemotherapy treatment or recovering from surgery.

£79.99 Regular Price
£69.99Sale Price
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