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B-Line Ultimate Hydrating Creme

B-Line Ultimate Hydrating Creme

B-Line has been recommended to us by patients recovering from cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) who have found it beneficial on sensitive or dry skin.


Why use two products when one will do? For those who wish to use only one moisturiser, this highly concentrated oil-infused crème offers a simple and effective option for face and body.


This ‘crème-de-la-creme’ works wonders on tired skin – give it a try if you are menopausal – tightening and firming wherever it goes. Smooth onto warm skin and experience the difference almost instantly. Cocooned in a captivating light lingering fragrance, skin feels soft as silk.



  • • Fungicide and viricide
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Antiseptic
    • Firming effects
    • Contains Dead Sea Salt to regulate fluid balance
    • Helps retain moisture
    • Improves superficial circulation
    • Healing and moisturising
    • Helps rebuild injured tissue
    • Repairs broken veins and bruises
    • Tightening and firming


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