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B-Line products for cancer skincare

We're always on the look out for products that are used by cancer patients to help ease those dreadful side effects, so when Sandra told us how effective the B-Line range of products have been in helping her manage her treatment and in particular deal with hand-foot syndrome, we decided to start listing B-Line products so that you could benefit too.


Hello, my name is Sandra. I would like to share a little about my cancer journey so far.

Two years ago I participated in the routine bowel cancer screening programme. Although I had suffered no symptoms whatsoever, the test result came back as abnormal and on further investigations I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Even worse, a scan revealed I already had multiple secondaries in both lobes of my liver and I was given a very poor prognosis. As you might imagine, this came as a total shock to me and my family, and the worst few weeks of my life followed until we gradually came to terms with the devastating blow.

Around that time and for a few years beforehand, I had enjoyed Spa Days and Breaks with my daughter at Ragdale Hall Spa and whilst there I developed a love of their range of treatments that used B-Line products. I was pleased to be able to purchase the products there which enabled me to create and relive the calm and relaxed atmosphere at home.

In the dark days and nights that followed my diagnosis, I was mindful of the detrimental effect on my wellbeing through endless sleepless nights, tossing and turning, high stress and anxiety levels, unable to escape from all the thoughts that never left my mind. It was then that I turned to my beloved B-Line products to help with clearing my mind, encouraging relaxation, soothing away tension and stress and inducing sleep. I would create a fragrant relaxing ambience with a diffuser and Lavender and Geranium Essential Oil, then have a warm bath using the Lavender and Geranium Body Wash and afterwards apply Lavender and Geranium Body Lotion. I found the combination of Lavender and Geranium created a unique and beautiful fragrance that was both uplifting and calming. What a difference this made.

My first treatment for the cancer was a course of CAPOX chemotherapy which consisted of infusions of Oxaliplatin combined with Capecitabine tablets. One of the side-effects I experienced was hand-foot syndrome. My feet and hands were very sore, the skin on my hands soon becoming cracked and painful and the skin on my feet starting to peel. I tried using a product that the Macmillan nurses suggested. Whilst I found it to be a good moisturiser, it did not heal the cracked skin on my hands, nor did it stop the skin peeling from my feet, so I again turned to a B-Line product and to my relief it did an amazing job. I chose to use the Ultimate Hydrating Crème as I found it to be effective on both feet and hands, and it could also be used on any part of the body, even doubling up as an excellent cuticle cream. I would apply the crème each night to my feet and hands, then put on moisturising white cotton socks and gloves; then apply it again in the morning before getting dressed. An added benefit was the lovely fragrance which adds a pampering feel to this treatment.

My second-line treatment, which I am currently undergoing, is FOLFIRI chemotherapy. This consists of infusions of Irinotecan, Fluorouracil (5FU) and Folinic Acid. It too has the hand-foot syndrome side-effect so I continue to use the Ultimate Hydrating Crème to keep the sore, cracking, peeling skin at bay.

My diagnosis has made me more aware of the health risks that certain environmental toxins can bring and that they can even influence cancer outcomes. It is therefore very reassuring to me to know that B-Line uses only the finest plant-based ingredients and essential oils in their products, which are also paraben and phthalates free.

I hope you have the opportunity to try the B-Line products for yourself – I feel sure you will not be disappointed.



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