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Guide to applying temporary eyebrow tattoos

Temporary Eyebrow tattoos

Temporary eyebrow tattoos have several benefits and are a quick and cost effective way of recreating eyebrows, especially if you're just starting to explore your options after losing your brow hair. Applying eyebrow tattoos can seem a little daunting at first, so we've put together this guide to temporary eyebrow tattoos, answering the questions that we're often asked, to help you decide whether eyebrow tattoos are the right option for you.


What are temporary eyebrow tattoos?

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent, removable, cosmetic tattoo eyebrows. They are realistic and natural looking and give the illusion of real eyebrows instantly. They are perfect for people with hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, medication, illness or excessive tweezing.

Eyebrow tattoos are just like the any other temporary tattoo and are transfers that adhere to the skin and are transferred by water. Simply cut out the pattern with scissors and place it on your skin

What are the benefits of temporary eyebrow tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos are safe and non-toxic. They are also quick and easy to use. They don't require glue and can be applied to your face using only water and a damp cloth in a few minutes. Eyebrow tattoos are not made of hair, so require the least care and therefore offer an affordable false eyebrow solution.

Unlike eyebrow pencils or powders, temporary tattoos don't need touching up throughout the day. Eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent so once applied, they won't smear, run or wipe away. They are waterproof and can be worn when showering, exercising or swimming.

Finally, temporary eyebrows are available in a variety of different styles, shapes and hues, offering a natural looking eyebrow to suit all hair colours and complexions.

Which colour and shape should I choose?

Choosing the shape of your eyebrow tattoos is an important step as the shape of the eyebrow determines how you'll look. Too much of an arch or not enough arch can make the brows look fake.

It's possible to increase or reduce the appearance of an arch by adjusting the placement of the eyebrow tattoo on your brow line by raising the far end up or down.

Eyebrows should be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your hair or wig colour. Too dark or too light will look fake. Please note that the eyebrow tattoos we sell tend to appear 'greenish' in tint because they are semi-transparent. When placed on the skin, the skin's own natural tones show through. Since the skin's tones tend to be pink in colour, the combination of the 'greenish' tint and the pink skin tone make them appear soft and natural.

Don't forget, you can further modify the shape and colour of your eyebrow tattoo after application, with the use of a brow pencil or powder and Andrea Macri shares how she modifies her eyebrow tattoos in the video below.

Can I apply eyebrow tattoos over existing hair?

Eyebrow tattoos are specifically made for people with little of no eyebrow hair. You can apply eyebrow tattoos over fine or thin hair, but not too much hair. The eyebrow tattoos won't adhere to existing hairs in the same way they do to clean, hair-free skin and will therefore last longer if applied where there is no hair.

Can I wear makeup, powders or sunscreen on top of my eyebrow tattoos?

Yes, apply your eyebrow tattoos to skin that is free of any makeup or moisturisers. Once the tattoo has been applied you can apply your makeup or sunscreen, but make sure that any products are water based or non-oily to prevent deterioration or removal of the eyebrow tattoo.

My eyebrow tattoos look shiny, what can I do?

The shine is caused by excess adhesive, so wait until your eyebrow tattoos are completely dry and then wipe with a cloth and pat them dry. Powder can also be used to reduce any shiny appearance.

How long will temporary eyebrow tattoos last?

Eyebrow tattoos will last from one to three days, depending on your activities and how oily your skin is.

How do I remove my temporary eyebrow tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos are easy to remove. Simply use an oily product like baby oil on a cotton ball or a cosmetic makeup remover. An alternative way is to place a strip of adhesive tape over the entire tattoo and pull if off gently. You can use alcohol but it can be harsh and drying on your skin.

Are eyebrow tattoos realistic?

Eyebrow tattoos are surprisingly realistic. In the short video below Rally with Allie who lost her eyebrows during chemotherapy treatment, tries eyebrow tattoos for the first time and as you'll see, she is pleasantly surprised by the results.

In the video below Andrea Macri who has alopecia and has lost her eyebrow hair provides some tips on how to apply eyebrow tattoos as well as how to remove any shiny appearance.


CancerPal sells a range of eyebrow tattoos and other products to help you care for your brows and lashes during treatment in the CancerPal MarketPlace.


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