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Oncology Approved | MEME Moisturising Socks

Oncology Approved | MEME Moisturising Socks

Meme moisturising socks soothe, nourish and help to repair dry, damaged and cracked feet.


The intense moisturising formulation also helps to reduce discomfort and relieve burning sensations that can be caused by hand-foot syndrome.


98% ingredients of natural origin & vegan.


Pack contains one pair of moisturising socks.


    Always read the label before use.

    • The skin on your feet can be affected by certain chemotherapy and targeted treatments. Skin can become dry and cracked which can cause feelings of burning and discomfort, typical symptoms of hand-foot syndrome.


      To prevent or ease the symptoms of hand-foot syndrome, it is essential to take care of your feet.


      Thanks to their 'cosmetotextile' format, Meme Moisturising Socks intensely moisturise your feet. The serum works even more intensely thanks to the barrier action of the moisturising socks.

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