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GingerNut Biscuits

GingerNut Biscuits

Ginger is well known for helping to ease nausea and these traditional GingerNut Biscuits are a truly enjoyable way to get your ginger intake.


We have carefully selected these Hawkens bite size GingerNut Biscuits because they are by far the greatest tasting gingernut that we have ever come across. Hot and fiery as a gingernut biscuit should be, deep in flavour and with chunks of crystalised ginger, these gingernuts are a delicious way of consuming ginger (and calories) if you or a loved is feeling nauseous from treatment and struggling to keep large quantities of food down.


Weight: 130g.

  • Hawkens Gingerbread is an artisan producer of high-quality gingerbread products.


    The Hawkens Gingernut is possibly one of Hawkens most exciting ever product launches. As lovers of our biscuits heritage we fell in love with the opportunity to bring to market our own version of the famous gingernut biscuit recipe. But we didn't just create our own gingernut recipe we took the gingernut biscuit to a whole new level.


    The Hawkens GingerNut is hot and fiery as a  gingernut biscuit should. But it is deep in flavour and not just heat. A richness of the butter fat that we use combined with a unique signature spice blend and chunks of crystalised ginger really make these famous 'dunkers' a biscuit that you will become quickly obsessed by.


    The gingernuts are attractively packed into the most adoringly handsome carton printed in a copper metallic ink. On the side panel is a history of the gingernut biscuit, its origins and popularity around the world including the different names used for the biscuit in different countries. On the rear panel is all of the required nutritional and allergen information on the rear. 

  • Flour (WHEAT), crystalised ginger, butter (MILK), sugar, ginger syrup,  vegetable fat (palm, rapeseed, sunflower), golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder (WHEAT),  ground ginger (1%), mixed spice (1%), salt.


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