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3 in 1 Wearable Heat Wrap - Tummy, Back and Hand Warmer

3 in 1 Wearable Heat Wrap - Tummy, Back and Hand Warmer

This 3 in 1 Wearable Heat Wrap has been designed to hold your hot water bottle in place to provide warming relief from tummy cramps and back aches whilst allowing you to go about your day.


Fill hot water bottle with hot water, place inside the cover and use the adjustable straps to hold in place. The clever belt design allows you to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy, totally hands free and is particularly useful when suffering from localised discomfort.


The hot water bottle wrap can be fixed around the tummy, across the back or shoulders to provide warmth and comfort whilst you get on with other things. Can also be used as a hand warmer.

  • We want you to enjoy using this hot water bottle, so for your safety and in order to obtain maximum life from your hot water bottle, please read the instructions carefully before use.

    - When filling this hot water bottle, do not use boiling water and fill to a maximum of two thirds or less.

    - Do not overfill the bottle as this might cause the bottle to burst.

    - Hold the bottle by the neck in the upright position and fill slowly to avoid hot water splashing back. Expel air from the bottle by lowering it carefully onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening.

    - Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure that there is no leakage. Finger tight should be adequate. Finally make sure the funnel is empty. 

    - If there is a possibility that prolongued contact with the skin could occur, an adequate cover should be used to prevent burns.

    - Under no circumstance should the hot water bottle be used as a cushion or sat on.

    - Do not fill using water from a domestic hot water system as this can shorten the life of the hot water bottle.

    - Prevent contact with hot surfaces.

    - Prevent contact with oil or grease.

    - When not in use drain completely and keep with the stopper removed in a cool dark place. Prevent exposure to sunlight.

    - Do not place anything on top of the bottle in storage.

  • Cover: 100% Polyester. Hot water bottle is made from 100% rubber.

    This hot water bottle conforms to BS 1970:2012.

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