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Spirularin Intensive Moisturising Mousse Plus with Antibacterial Protection

Spirularin Intensive Moisturising Mousse Plus with Antibacterial Protection

Spirularin Mousse Plus with 10% urea provides effective moisturisation and strong anti-microbial protection against bacterial or fungal infections of the skin. The non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed into the skin. 


Sensitive, dry and cracked skin and feet need more than just a moisturiser. Spirularin Mousse combines an intensive moisturiser, containing 10% Urea, with the the active microalgae extract Spilarin to protect against bacterial and fungal infections.


  • Contains 10% Urea for effective moisture
  • Anti-Bacterial and Microalgae active protection
  • Suitable for sensitive and diabetic feet


Thousands of satisfied users and dermatology experts helped Spirularin receive the German Aesthetic Dermatological Product of The Year 2013  award. 




Always read the label before use.

  • Developed in Germany in collaboration with leading podiatrists and dermatologists, Spirularin Intensive Moisturising Mousse Plus is based on the key ingredient Spiralin®, an active extract of microalgae.

    Once the natural skin barrier is attacked, germs and bacteria have easy access. To prevent this, it's important to strengthen skin's natural protection. The special formulation of the Spirularin Intensive Moisturising Mousse Plus compensates for the moisture deficit and the microalgae ingredient Spiralin offers the corresponding antibacterial protection. The mousse also contains 10% urea to care for very dry, sensitive skin or feet. 


    Active Antimicrobial Action

    Hundreds of microalgae strains have been screened in respect of their antimicrobial activities. Only Spiralin® proved a unique efficacy profile with potency against fungi, viruses and bacteria.


    Ideal for Weak Immune-Systems

    Due to the topical application of natural ingredients to targeted areas – without side effects, the Spirularin® range is ideal for people with weak or low immune-systems.


    Cell Regenerative Properties

    In addition to its unique antimicrobial profile, the Spiralin® microalgae extract  also showed impressive cell regenerative properties.

Expected to arrive end October. Please note that pre-orders can't be paid for using Paypal - you have to pay by credit card. Many thanks.
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