Otosan Throat Gel Forte

Otosan Throat Gel Forte


Otosan Throat Gel Forte is a product for relieving symptoms associated with throat irritation.

Thanks to its special gel formula, it forms a mucoadhesive film active in the pharyngeal and laryngeal tract, which protects the mucosa from the irritating action of external agents, providing long-lasting relief.


Pack containst 14 gel sachets.

  • Otosan Throat Gel Forte helps with the hydration of the mucosa and facilitates physiological tissue recovery, indirectly reducing irritation and the sensation of pain.

    Otosan Throat Gel Forte is useful for:

    • Throat irritation

    • Burning or painful swallowing

    • Hoarseness, also associated with dry cough

    • Dryness of the oropharynx caused by external agents or environmental factors (smoking or sudden changes in temperature and humidity).

    With a pleasant lemon taste, Otosan Throat Gel Forte is also refreshing.