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Oncology Approved | MEME Face Moisturiser

Oncology Approved | MEME Face Moisturiser

MEME Face Moisturiser nourishes, moisturises and soothes discomfort from dry and fragile skin that has been weakened due to the effects of chemotherapy and targeted therapy. It is essential to moisturise and protect skin daily from the very start of treatment.


98% ingredients of natural origin & vegan.


50 ml


    Always read the label before use.

    • During cancer treatment, your skin is often damaged - the skin on your face can becomes dry and weakened due to the effects of chemotherapy and targeted therapy. When damaged, your skin can become tight and redness can appear. It is essential to use a good moisturiser to moisturise and protect your face daily from the very beginning of your treatment.


      MEME nourishing face moisturiser fights dry skin, redness and irritation gently and effectively. Its fluid texture is easy applied all over the face and neck. Light, with a non-greasy finish, it penetrates easily leaving skin feeling incredibly soft and is also an excellent base for makeup. 

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