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Nausea Relief | Aromatherapy for Nausea Care Box

Nausea Relief | Aromatherapy for Nausea Care Box

Our Aromatherapy Nausea Relief Care Box contains a selection of products that have been specifically chosen to help ease the symptoms of nausea & vomiting.


Research has shown that controlled breathing exercises, especially when combined with peppermint aromatherapy can help to relieve chemotherapy related nausea as well as post-operative nausea.


Our Aromatherapy for Nausea Care Box contains:


💙 21 Breaths : Breathing Techniques to Change your Life

💙 Aromatherapy Oil Burner

💙 Tisserand Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

💙 Here for you Postcard

💙 Product Information Sheet

  • 21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change your Life - Hard Back Book

    There is evidence to show that deep breaths taken at a slow and steady pace can help to ease feelings of nausea. Breathwork can lead to a feeling of calm, control and relaxation. The control element is significant. Nausea can feel like it is something out of our control remit. Breathing techniques can allow us to take back some of that control over our body in order to cope with some of the physical implications of nausea. Oliver James is a body led psychotherapist who specialises in breathwork and breathing techniques. In his first book 21 Breaths, Oliver includes a detailed description of his Magical 2:1 breathing technique to help manage nausea.


    Aromatherapy Oil Burner

    Inhaled aromatherapy can be an effective way of helping to ease nausea. It involves smelling essential oil vapours through a diffusing mechanism and is one of the fastest methods of use because it goes straight to your body’s olfactory system. This ceramic, open heart shaped oil burner can be used to diffuse essential oils.  Essential Oil Burner Size:13cm tall.


    Tisserand Organic Peppermint Essential Oil – 9ml

    Peppermint essential oil has been found to be particularly effective in helping to reduce chemotherapy related nausea as well as post-operative nausea. Ingredients: Mentha Piperita Oil.


    Here For You Postcard

    Our exclusive 'Here for you' postcard is a perfect way to send a message to your loved one. We can write the message for you - just let us know when you check out.


    Product Information Sheet

    Our product information sheet provides your loved one with an explanation of the contents of their Care Box - explaining why each product has been chosen and how they can help to ease some of the side effects of your loved one’s treatment.

  • These Care Boxes have been specifically designed to help ease nausea associated with cancer treatment but many customers tell us they are just as effective in easing other forms of nausea including post operative nausea and morning sickness. If you would like to purchase one of our Care Boxes for a reason other than cancer related nausea, please let us know as we can remove all references to cancer for you.

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