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MEME Silicon Top Coat

MEME Silicon Top Coat

MEME Silicon Top Coat has been specifically created for nails that have been damaged from cancer treatment. It is suitable for all kinds of nails, including fragile, ridged and splitting nails.


  • Vegan and '10 free'
  • 80% bio-sourced formula

  • Enriched with silicon

  • Ultra-shiny finish
  • Suitable for pregnant and nursing women




Always read the label before use.

  • To protect and strengthen fragile, broken or split 'chemo nails', it is advisable to use a nail polish enriched in silicon. And in order to avoid touching up chipped nails every two days, nothing is better than a Top Coat.


    Besides improving your pretty manicure by making it shinier and keeping the nail polish on for longer, MEME Silicon Top Coat is also enriched in silicon, to strengthen and harden your precious nails.


    Easy to apply and with a generous volume, use MEME Silicon Top Coat for perfect nails.

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