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Oncology Approved | MEME Nail Polish Remover Oil

Oncology Approved | MEME Nail Polish Remover Oil

MEME Nail Polish Remover Oil has been specifically created for cancer patients to gently remove nail polish without the use of acetone. Suitable for all kinds of nails, including fragile, ridged and splitting nails.


Leave the soaked cotton pad on each nail for a few seconds before removing the polish.


  • 100% natural
  • Without acetone 
  • Softly removes nail polish




      Always read the label before use.

      • Cancer treatment can weaken nails leaving them dry, broken and split which is why it is important to use healthy and safe nail polishes as well as a gentle nail polish remover to avoid further damage to nails, and to avoid making them even dryer when removing nail polish.


        With its 100% clean and natural formulation, MEME Natural Nail Polish Remover Oil soothes your nails while removing your nail polish.


        Without acetone or acetone derivatives (ethyl acetate), this Nail Polish Remover Oil is really soft and doesn't have a solvent smell. The oily formula, enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, delicately nourishes your nails and cuticles, and does not leave any nail polish residue. 

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