Mantra Bamboo Headscarf (multiple colours)

Mantra Bamboo Headscarf (multiple colours)

The bmboo Mantra Headscarf is extremely comfortable and soft to wear against the head and helps women suffering from hair loss to feel feminine and attractive.


- Versatile headscarf with long ties

- Large selection of beautiful colours to choose from

- One size fits all



  • The bamboo Mantra hairloss headscarf is made from Caretech bamboo. The all-natural bamboo-viscose fabric is breathable, moisture absorbant and extremely soft and comfortable, keeping your head warm and dry at all time.

    This headscarf is perfect if you have complete hair loss, as it will not cling to your head, but instead it softly follows your natural contour. 

    This scarf has long ties, that you can wrap around your head and tie up into a striking turban.