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Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File

Glass or crystal nail files are much gentler on natural nails which is especially important if nails have been weakened or damaged due to cancer treatment.

This Glass Nail File is manufactured using premium quality glass and is gentle yet effective to file and shape without causing splitting or breakage.


13.5cm double sided, glass nail file.

  • Wash after each use with warm soapy water and gently towel dry or allow to air dry before storing.

  • Chemotherapy treatment can leave nails weak, dry and brittle. It's recommended that you keep nails short during treatment to avoid accidently catching or breaking them, but it's also important to treat them gently which is why we recommend using a glass nail file.

    Glass nail files are gentler on the nail than cardboard emery boards or metal nail files. A glass nail file glides over the nail tip. It doesn’t tear the nail like an emery board or metal file, so you can file in both directions and it smooths out the nail tip as it files. No jagged edges to smooth out.

    When you use a glass nail file you’ll notice how smooth the nail tip is. The glass file closes the nail tip and actually seals it, preventing water and debris from leaching into your nail.

    More information on the benefits of glass nail files can be found here

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