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Dynamik | Reusable hot and cold pack

Dynamik | Reusable hot and cold pack

Many people with cancer may experience pain at some point during their illness. If you are looking to try a non-drug treatment, either instead of, or along side pain relief medication, heat therapy can be an affordable and effective solution.


- Highly durable – this long-life premium cold pack is made from a hard-wearing nylon outer material.
- Flexible – high viscosity gel ensures the pack remains flexible at low temperatures
- Versatile – Dynamik packs can be used on various body parts, including Thigh, Shoulder, Groin, Chest, Head, Neck, Ankle, Wrist, etc

- Durable - long-life cold packs are made from hard-wearing materials and use reliable manufacturing techniques to ensure the gel packs retain their properties for upto 10,000 heating or cooling cycles.

Dimension: Small - 14 x 14cm