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Boswellia Muscle & Joint Balm

Boswellia Muscle & Joint Balm

Boswellia balm is a soothing balm for muscle and joint soreness. Providing natural, lasting pain relief, boswellia balm eases joint swelling and improves mobility and suppleness. Improves circulation to the treated area.



Always read the label before use.

  • Boswellia balm is a soothing natural cream specifically designed to target muscle and joint soreness. Based on wonderfully rich boswellia incense, this balm encourages flexible and pain free joints whilst providing a calming fragrance.

    An ideal natural remedy for those who suffer from arthritis, back pain or general muscle tightness, Medosan boswellia balm is manufactured in Swiss laboratories and is inspired by an ancient recipe from Buddhist monks.

    Containing valuable extracts of boswellia serrata incense from India, the balm has been clinically proven to reduce joint swelling and pain as well as increasing suppleness. Simply smooth the wonderfully fragrant balm over painful areas to feel its pain-relieving effects.

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