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Bamboo Lotus Turban (multiple colours)

Bamboo Lotus Turban (multiple colours)

The Bamboo Lotus Turban is a soft, comfortable hairloss turban which will sit softly and look incredibly stylish.


- Easy and quick to put on

- Smart and stylish draping

- Available in a large variety of beautiful colours

- One size fits.

  • The Bamboo Lotus hairloss turban is made from Caretech bamboo. The all-natural bamboo-viscose fabric is breathable, moisture absorbant and extremely soft and comfortable, keeping your head warm and dry at all time.


    The elegant flower, attached to the side of the turban, and the decorative pleats across the model complete everything from a sporty to a stylish and modern outfit. The many details add perfect fullness around the head. Sometimes hairloss turbans can sit flatly against your head, but with the flower design and the soft material the Lotus turban is extremely flattering to your silhouette.


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