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Bamboo Karma Turban with Headband (multiple colours)

Bamboo Karma Turban with Headband (multiple colours)

The Karma turban is a 2 piece hairloss set consisting of a soft bamboo turban and a headband.


- 2-piece set (turban and headband)
- Easy to put on
- Headband can be used with ordinary hair or a wig
- Many styling options
- Available in a large selection of beautiful colours

- One size fits all.

  • The bamboo Karma hairloss turban is made from Caretech bamboo. The all-natural bamboo-viscose fabric is breathable, moisture absorbant and extremely soft and comfortable, keeping your head warm and dry at all time.

    This style is a 2 piece set combining the beautiful, soft, bamboo Karma turban and the Chitta Headband. The turban is a baggy model and can therefore be used with a drop shape look or, if you want it to fit snugly, with a snug fit. The Chitta headband can be used with the Karma turban for a fuller result. Alternatively the Chitta headband is also a smart accessory for a wig or can be used alone as a light turban on hot summer days by simply folding the excess fabric over the head and attaching to the ears.

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