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Cancer Skincare - Introducing Lindi Skincare

Whilst most people are aware of the common side effects of cancer treatment, such as hair loss and nausea, many cancer patients are less prepared for the variety of skin related side effects that modern cancer treatments can cause, including dry & itchy skin, rashes, painful hands & feet and radiotherapy burns. Regular skincare products aren't designed to help with these issues, but Lindi Skin is a US skincare line, designed specifically for the unique needs of people with the most compromised skin when undergoing cancer treatment.


Lindi Skin

Lindi Skin is dedicated to developing skin care products that ease the burden of common side effects experienced by individuals undergoing treatment for cancer and related disorders. Their products are intended to help individuals feel better, both physically and emotionally, and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience. Lindi Skin combines state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical information with innovative ingredients to formulate superior products for a very special group of people.

The Lindi Skin Story

Lindy Snider founder of lindi skin
Lindy Snider - Founder of Lindi Skin

Lindi Skin was created in the USA by Lindy Snider following her experience of watching friends go through cancer treatment. Lindy noticed they expected the nausea, fatigue and hair loss associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but they were not aware of the impact that these therapies would have on their skin. In discovering there was not one line of skin care products specifically developed for people with cancer, it occurred to Lindy that someone had to create one. And that person ended up being Lindy.

In formulating Lindi Skin products, Lindi Skin has aligned with dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients and skincare formulators to create products that can treat even the most sensitive of skin. Lindi Skin formulas are unique, gentle, and soothing. They use the finest ingredients for the ultimate hydration.

What makes Lindi Skin so special?

Lindi Skin is the original Doctor-trusted skincare line designed specifically to meet the unique skincare needs of people going through cancer.

Lindi Skin's Medical Advisory Board of oncologist, dermatologist and skincare experts researched and studied every option while crafting their formulas.  They sought out ingredients that would be safe and effective for people with compromised skin from cancer treatments. 

The Lindi Skin team identified several key areas of focus, including: 

  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredients to protect skin, since cancer treatments can weaken the immune system

  • Natural anti-inflammatory botanicals that soothe red, irritated skin

  • Powerful cell-renewing anti-oxidants

The result is Lindi Skin's proprietary LSA Complex™ that is unique to Lindi Skin products and delivers unparalleled results for people going through cancer treatments and anyone with sensitive or compromised skin.  

Clinical Testing

A Northwestern University Study concluded that Lindi Skin soothes skin irritated by cancer treatment and improved overall quality of life.

The study evaluated the quality of life (QoL) and tolerability of three Lindi Skin products specifically developed for cancer skin care management - Lindi Skin Moisturiser, Lindi Skin Face Moisturiser and Lindi Skin Face Wash.

Ninety-nine cancer patients receiving systemic anticancer therapies and/or radiotherapy at Northwestern University were assessed at the initial visit for adverse skin reactions. All patients were provided with the three Lindi Skin products and were instructed to use each product once daily for 4 weeks.

The results showed that dry skin, hand–foot skin reaction (HFSR), and skin rash (dermatitis) decreased significantly and most patients rated their overall experience with Lindi Skin product as good or very good (highest rating).

Lindi Skin Products

CancerPal stocks the following products within the Lindi Skin product range:

Lindi Skin Soothing Balm

Lindi Skin Soothing Balm is for use on radiotherapy burns, severe rashes as well as hand-foot syndrome.

Lindi Soothing Balm LindiSkin
Lindi Soothing balm helps fragile skin

The Soothing Balm hydrates and helps manage dry, flaky skin that can result from radiotherapy as well as the dry, cracked and painful hands that can occur after chemotherapy. 

Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and rare botanicals make this the perfect lotion to tackle the driest skin.

Lindi Skin Body Lotion

Lindi Skin Body Lotion is specifically formulated to deliver a combination of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that nourish the skin while reinforcing its natural barrier to prevent moisture loss. Light, refreshing and luxurious, Lindi Skin Body Lotion is superb for all-over, everyday use.

Thanks to its unique formula, Lindi Skin Body Lotion can be used to help manage the dry, flaky skin and itch that can result from radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or any type of sensitive skin.

This gentle, refreshing lotion can be used all over our body and its fast-absorbing formula it is intended for maximum comfort.

Lindi Skin Body Wash

Lindi Skin Body Wash provides the perfect relief for radiotherapy burns, chemotherapy rash, or sensitive skin. This Lindi Skin Body Wash can be used in place of soap to help manage dry, flaky skin that can result from cancer treatment. This gentle, non-foaming formula has a light citrus scent and moisturises as it cleans. It works to protect and promote your skin's natural defences while gently cleansing.

This is a unique daily body wash with moisturising ingredients that cling to your skin after rinsing. You'll feel the difference after just one use. The gentle, non-foaming formula feels luxurious as it refreshes the body and scalp.

Lindi Skin Face Moisturiser

Lindi Skin Face Moisturiser is the ultimate solution when you need an extra level of moisture and protection for excessive dryness and improved appearance for rough skin and flaking. Thanks to its unique formula, this face moisturiser delivers nutrients and unparalleled anti-oxidants, restoring and protecting your skin immediately.

Lindi Skin Face Wash

Lindi Skin Face Wash is gentle and refreshing for sensitive skin

Lindi Moisturising Face Wash is a unique daily wash with moisturising ingredients that cling to your skin after rinsing. You will feel the difference after one use. The gentle, moisturising formula feels luxurious as it refreshes the skin and scalp.

Lindi Moisturising Face Wash can be used in place of soap to help manage the dry, flaky skin that can result from cancer treatments or any type of sensitive skin This gentle, non-foaming formula moisturises as it cleans washes without stripping and works to achieve optimum pH.

Lindi Skin Radiotherapy Cooler Pad

Lindi Skin Radiotherapy Cooler Pad has been specially designed to help soothe and relieve radiotherapy burns and other types of compromised skin. The Cooler Pad provides on-the-spot cooling relief and moisturising effects thanks to aloe vera and green tea in its formula.

Lindi Skin Radiotherapy Cooler Roll

Lindi Skin Cooler Roll has been specially designed to help soothe and relieve radiotherapy burns and other types of compromised skin and is a 'secret weapon' against Hand-Foot Syndrome. Wrap a portion of the Cooler Roll around sore, cracked hands & feet to help calm & cool the discomfort of Hand-Foot Syndrome, while moisturising & promoting the skin's ability to heal.

This hydro-gel dressing is primarily made of water infused with aloe and green tea. Aloe is widely known for its skin benefits, while Green Tea helps reduce redness and inflammation. Its gentle and non-irritating formula doesn't contain parabens, and it is dermatologist & allergy tested.

Lindi Skin Fight Back Pack

The Lindi Skin Fight Back Pack is a sample kit allowing you to try a range of Lindi Skin products. The Lindi Skin Fight Back Pack contains the following 7 sample size tubes - designed for 3-5 application per tube.

  • 1 oz tube of Lindi Skin Body Lotion

  • 1 oz tube of Lindi Skin Body Wash

  • 1/2 oz tube of Lindi Skin Soothing Balm

  • 1/2 oz tube of Lindi Skin Face Wash

  • 1/4 oz tube of Lindi Skin Lavender Face Serum

  • 1/4 ox tube of Lindi Skin Citrus Face Serum

  • 1/4 oz tube of Lindi Skin Face Moisturiser


You can find a wide selection of Lindi Skin products and many other products to help care for your skin during cancer treatment in the Skincare section of our CancerPal MarketPlace.


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