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Beauty during cancer - Introducing MEME

Range of MEME skin care products

Whilst researching new products to feature in our skincare range, we discovered MÊME. MÊME is a french cosmetic brand created by Juliette and Judith who had both been affected by loved ones with cancer and created an entire skincare brand designed for those living with the disease.


Background story to MÊME

Juliette and Judith the founders of MEME Skincare
Juliette and Judith met whilst working at L’Oréal Luxe in 2014

The reason MÊME was founded really resonated with us at CancerPal due to our own experiences of seeing loved ones going through cancer treatment.

MÊME started with the experience of the founding director losing her mother from cancer six years ago. Despite how serious her illness was, her mum was a real girly girl, she absolutely loved clothes and cosmetics, but never as much as she did during her illness. A day or two never went by without her buying a new pair of jeans, a face cream or nail polish. At the start, it was a bit excessive and superficial and then Judith understood. She understood that it was her mother's way of fighting the disease. Not looking sick, continuing to look good and boosting her self-esteem was her strategy for dealing with her cancer for as long as possible. It also convinced Judith of one thing: recovering one's femininity, that is altered so much by treatment, can really help a cancer patient to be psychologically stronger.

Skin damage from cancer treatment

MEME Skincare product and cancer patient
MÊME use high quality ingredients in all of their products

Cancer treatments, and more specifically chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can damage the skin. In order to prevent and limit these side effects, it is necessary to take care of oneself even before beginning the treatment, and to do so with products of natural origin without any harmful ingredients. The hallmark of MÊME is that they are rigorous in their selection of high-quality ingredients which are effective in keeping the skin hydrated, soft and the complexion fresh and rested whatever treatment you may be going through.

MÊME product range

MEME moisturising gloves
MÊME Moisturising gloves can help with hand foot syndrome

MÊME products were created in collaboration with oncologists and dermatologists, and are manufactured in France. The company make sure they formulate their products as carefully as possible and, as a precaution, remove any component that could be considered toxic or carcinogenic (such as phenoxyethanol, aluminium and silicones), as well as any potential endocrine disruptors. MÊME offers a wide range of skincare products suitable for the most fragile skin, including skincare products for the face or the scalp, body care products and products for the hands and feet. These cosmetics were clinically tested and approved by a large group of women undergoing cancer treatments.

MÊME Nail Care

MEME Silcon Nail Varnish

Nail polish was one of the products we were particularly keen to source and stock. There is also a range of silicon nail polishes and a natural nail polish remover, to feel beautiful and to pamper yourself during the illness. For more information around why silicon nail polish can be beneficial we have written a separate article. But MÊME is above all a brand with 100% tenderness, embodying pleasure and gentleness, because it is important to feel feminine during treatments.

MÊME Skin Care

MÊME offer a wide range of skincare products, designed to soothe the specific areas in the body that can be weakened by the side effects of chemo, radiotherapies, targeted therapies and hormonal therapies. MÊME products are suitable for the most sensitive and fragile areas of

skin, especially during cancer treatments. MÊME skin care products offer a 'bandage effect' of protection to sensitive areas and can help with cracked heels, dry elbows, irritated skin folds, sunburn, dry and fragile eyelids, dry patches, tattoos, or even sensitive scars.

MÊME Hair and Scalp Care

MÊME Hair Care Mask intensely moisturises and nourishes the hair fibre to restore glow and shine to dull hair and makes fragile and damaged hair softer and more supple. This is particularly helpful for hair that grows back after cancer treatment to help it become more nourished, moisturised and prepped for a healthy regrowth.

MEME Repairing Hair Care Mask is also a natural hair mask, suitable for fragile skin and sensitive scalps. Thanks to its formula containing vegetable ingredients and 99% of natural origin, without sulfated surfactants, parabens or silicones.

The MÊME manifesto effectively summarises the company and how they are looking to support those experiencing cancer treatment.


CancerPal imports a wide range of MÊME products from France, as well as a range of other products that can help with skincare during cancer treatment.


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