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Seamless All Seasons Unisex Sleep Cap (multiple colours)

Seamless All Seasons Unisex Sleep Cap (multiple colours)

Our best selling, ultra comfortable sleep hat is made from silky touch, high quality, breathable cotton fabric with no seams inside, making it a soft, lightweight, stretchy and easy to wear sleep hat.


The deep design covers your entire hairline without putting pressure on the ears and the cotton fabric is warm and comfortable meaning it is suitable for all seasons and can be worn day or night.


It is more expensive than our other sleep hats - but it really is worth the extra expense if you're suffering from a sore scalp.


  • One Size - stretchy to fit an average head
  • Available in a range of colours: Black, Ocean Blue, Champagne, Coral, Grey, Navy
  • This is a comfortable cotton chemo hat made with a seamless inner lining, making it ideal to sleep in. It is lightweight, breathable and moisture-absorbent, ensuring you get the most comfortable sleep.

    Good sleep caps have no stitching inside and are able to keep you warm despite being lightweight. Due to its breathable fabric and lightweight design, this chemo sleep cap will help you get a good night’s sleep.

    Sleeping caps for bald heads, are extra gentle. They regulate the temperature through the night making sure that you are never too cold or too hot, creating an ideal temperature to sleep in.