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Children's Kitty Bamboo Beanie (multiple colours)

Children's Kitty Bamboo Beanie (multiple colours)

This clever little bamboo beanie has a simple fold back design making it comfortable to wear during the day or at night and while sleeping, with no seams digging in while you rest.


~95% Bamboo 5% Elastane.


~Warm in winter and cool in summer.


~Beautiful range of colours to choose from.

  • This hat was originally designed as a sleep cap for anyone suffering from female hairloss. The simple fold back design makes it comfortable to wear but it was a bit of a shame to have something you only wore to bed so it has now been designed so that it can also be worn unfolded and scrunched down to create a casual ruched effect – taking you from pyjamas to jeans.

    The younger generation love to wear it as a beanie fitting close around the face and pushed back to make a cool slouchy beanie hat. The bamboo jersey fabric is incredibly soft and drapes beautifully. Due to the nature of the bamboo fabric these little hats will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.