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Kitsch XL Hair wrap - Chequered pattern

Kitsch XL Hair wrap - Chequered pattern

Hair is extra fragile when wet and wrapping hair in heavy, cotton towels can be damaging as it causes friction which can lead to breakages and split ends.


This highly absorbent, soft microfibre hair towel from Kitsch is friction-free and gentle on all hair types, helping to dry hair quickly.


Suitable for all hair lengths.

    • Cuts drying time
    • Soft, highly absorbent & friction-free microfiber material
    • Gentle on most hair & skin types
    • Large surface area dries hair more evenly
    • Helps tame frizz & reduce hair breakage
    • Snug elastic strap holds towel tucked into place
    • Works for most hair lengths
    • size: 40" x 24" 
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