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Faux Fur Microwaveable Slipper Boots

Faux Fur Microwaveable Slipper Boots

Providing you or your loved one with warmth and comfort. These luxurious Faux Fur Microwaveable Slipper Boots will help you to feel warm and cosy during or after treatment. Each product is made with the highest quality soft faux fur for a truly luxurious feel. These gifts do not only look great but are designed to make you feel great too. They contain a microwaveable insert which, when heated, provides warming relief for tired or sore feet. There's also a little lavender essential oil addes, to help you feel calm and relaxed at the end of a long day.


Fits most feet up to women's size UK 6,

Grey colour.

  • 1. Remove microwaveable insert from the cover.

    2. Place in the microwave on a suitable plate ensuring the filling is evenly distributed.

    3. Fold the insert if it cannot be positioned flat on the turntable.

    4. Ensure the turntable can rotate freely and is free of debris and grease that may catch fire.

    5. Place a half filled cup of water in the microwave with the insert.

    6. Be careful when removing the cup, it may be VERY hot. Only use a cup that is suitable for microwave use. 

    6. Heat up to a maximum of 1 minute for 500-700 watt microwaves and a maximum of 30 seconds for 800-1000 watt microwaves.

    7. If it feels too cool for your need after first heating, you may warm it again, in increments, for no more than 15 seconds at a time until the desired temperature is reached.

    8. Once heated, allow to cool for 30 seconds and re-insert into the cover and securely fasten the cover.

    9. Allow to cool to room temperature before reheating.

    10. In the accidental event of overheating, allow the insert to return to room temperature, inspeact for damage before reheating. Do not use if damaged in any way.

    11. If damaged or you see evidence of discolourationor charring, allow to fully cool before disposing in normal household waste.

    12. Refreshing your fragrancewith essential oils only requires a few drops. Excessive application of oil may be hazardous and cause fire.

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