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Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo - Blonde

Luxury Eyebrow Tattoos - Blonde (sensitive skin)

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are a quick and affordable way of getting natural looking brows. Eyebrow tattoos tend to last between 1-3 days and can be easily removed using facial cleanser or baby oil.


Our luxury eyebrow tattoos are more expenisve than our 'value range' because they come in a wider range of colour choices and are printed using FDA certified colourants (vegetable inks - no black henna or PPD). We recommend choosing these tattoos if you have sensitive skin.


Set contains 6 pairs of removable eyebrow tattoos.

Length of one eyebrow tattoo is 2" / 5cm.

  • Temporary eyebrow tattoos are transfers that adhere to the skin and are transferred by water.


    Temporary eyebrow tattoos are waterproof and should remain intact while swimming, showering, or sweating but be careful not to scratch them or rub them with a towel. Simply pat your forehead dry when you needed.


    Please note temporary eyebrow colours can appear 'greenish' in tint because they are semi-transparent. When placed on the skin, the skin's own natural tones show through. Since the skin's tones tend to be pink in color, the combination of the 'greenish' tint and the pink skin tone make them appear soft and natural.

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