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Ear Plugs - Comfort & Sleep

Ear Plugs - Comfort & Sleep

Sleep is especially important if you're going through cancer treatment and ear plugs can help to block out unwanted noise, enabling you to get some uniterrupted rest - especially if you're trying to sleep during a hospital stay or doze in the chemo chair.


Audiplugs Ear Plugs, manufactured to the highest standards in Sweden are sustainable and high quality ear plugs, designed to deliver maximum efficacy.


Audiplugs Multi-purpose Ear Plugs are small sized ear plugs with a noise reduction rating of 33dbl.


Pack contains 4 pairs of ear plugs with a handy carry case.

  • Using Audiplugs Ear Plugs is the easiest way to protect your ears from annoying and irritating sounds. They protect effectively and are comfortable to wear. The earplugs are almost invisible once you have placed them in your ears and are suitable in most situations.


    The production facilities use Solar Power and other renewable sources to deliver the electrical power they need to manufacture, therefore reducing their Carbon Dioxide emissions to ZERO.

    No solvents are used, all water used is recycled and heat generated from manufacturing is recirculated to help heat other areas of the facilities.

    If you have a skin irritation in your ear canal, please contact your physician before use.

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