Evonail Repair Nail Care

Evonail Repair Nail Care


Evaux Laboratoires, the company that produces Evonail has gone into administration and is no longer producing Evonail so we are unable to source any more stock. We understand how disappointing this is and we have searched for alternative products to help care for nails during chemotherapy.


Polybalm isn't as well know as Evonail but the clinical trial results are impressive.

Onicolife Nail Drops have been recommended by cancer patients.

FlexiNail has had impressive results although not necessarily with cancer patients.

We're sorry this product is currently out of stock
  • EVONAIL Repair Nail Care can be applied to the nail and the skin surrounding it (finger and toe nails), several times a day depending on the level of hydration needed (with the provided applicator brush). Do not apply EVONAIL Repair Nail Care underneath the nail (between the nail and the finger). Let it dry for 2-3 minutes. Doesn't sparkle. Remove nail varnish before application.