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Wellbeing | Mindful Colouring

The fabulous Jen from Danger Doodles has written this week's Guest Blog about the benefits of mindful colouring in. Danger Doodles is all about positive mental health and encouraging creativity for wellbeing and if you haven't come across Danger Doodles before, please check them out because they are fab!


Receiving a cancer diagnosis can throw your whole world in turmoil. You may have lots of questions or worries going through your mind, and find it hard to switch off from what your health situation means for you and your family. While lots of people talk about the physical impact of cancer, such as the side effects of treatment, the often hidden impact on mental health can be overlooked. Having such a major life defining health crisis can lead to stress, low mood, increased anxiety and other impacts on your emotional and thought life.

It is really important to find ways to cope and thrive, and to build your mental resilience. Prioritise self-care, because your wellbeing is important, and that includes your mental health. You can decide and prepare when you are strong and when your health is better, who you want to be when you are not well and how you will cope. Think of it like making a self-care kit. By planning activities for when you are having a low day, you can have go-to options that will keep you going and help to you flourish in the midst of difficulty.

One such wellbeing activity you could add to your self-care kit that has taken the world by storm in recent years is adult mindful colouring. Studies have demonstrated the enormous benefits that mindfully colouring in pages can have on mental health, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration and sleep, and aiding relaxation.

Why exactly is mindful colouring in so good for us? The act of switching off from everything that seems out of control in your life means you can focus on the present moment, here and now. You are engaging in the moment itself and while other thoughts may come and you can notice them mindfully, you ultimately are focussed on moving your pencil or pen over the page. Colouring also helps to unleash your inner creativity, as you pick colours and patterns to fill. It can be therapeutic to complete a colouring in sheet that has no other purpose than simply the enjoyment of colouring.

If you are wondering what you should colour - you can colour in whatever you want! Whatever feels good to you. Try to pick something that inspires you or makes you smile. If you’re not sure where to start or what to colour, Jen has kindly given us a Danger Doodles colouring in sheet that you can use!

Safe Place Colouring In Sheet - Danger D
Download • 986KB

And if you enjoy this colouring in sheet, Danger Doodles also sell some really lovely colouring in cards so you can carry on with your mindful colouring and at the end you'll have a gorgeous hand coloured card to send to a loved one.


Danger Doodles is all about positive mental health and encouraging creativity for wellbeing. Founded in 2019 by Jen Danger, Danger Doodles aims to communicate hopeful messages in a light hearted and accessible way. You can find Danger Doodles at:


CancerPal sells a wide range of products that have been recommended to help ease the stress and anxiety associated with a cancer diagnosis as well as a range of Wellbeing Care Boxes.


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