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Nausea Remedies - Breathing to relieve nausea

We know that cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy, can cause a patient to feel nauseous. Nausea is a particularly unpleasant side effect and can heavily impact on the individual undergoing treatment.

‘Take a deep breath’ is a phrase we hear all the time to help us to manage our emotions and physical distress and there is evidence to show that deep breaths taken at a slow and steady pace can help to ease feelings of nausea.

Breathwork can lead to a feeling of calm, control and relaxation. The control element is significant. Nausea can feel like it is something out of our control remit. Breathing techniques can allow us to take back some of that control over our body in order to cope with some of the physical implications of nausea.

CancerPal is proud to introduce Oliver James, a body led psychotherapist and author of 21 Breaths. Oliver specialises in breathwork and breathing techniques for managing a wide range of conditions – including nausea. In the video above Ollie demonstrates a technique called Magical 2:1 from his book to help manage nausea.

Please note that this technique should not cause harm or pain. If you feel discomfort at any stage, stop practice and consider trying again another time. If you are unsure about using a breathing technique to help with your nausea, please consult your healthcare practitioner for advice.


We'd like to say a big thank you to Ollie for sharing Magical 2:1 with us. Should you wish to find out more about breathwork and breathing techniques with Oliver James, you can visit

You can purchase Oliver's book, 21 Breaths here.


CancerPal has a wide range of products that have been recommended to help relieve nausea as well as a range of Nausea Relief Care Boxes.


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