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Silicea Kollagen Plus - 60 sachets

Silicea Kollagen Plus - 60 sachets

A delicious tasting collagen supplement, containing silica gel, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, copper and collagen peptides.


A daily dose of Silica Kollagen Plus contains a huge amount of collagen peptides, which are the building blocks of our skin, joints, bones, muscles, and connective tissue. Replacing levels of these vital ingredients can reduce signs of ageing and protect joints. Collagen also plays a significant role in your body’s overall physical resilience, maintaining healthy joints and helping your body recover from injuries.


However, we stock collagen supplements because of its proven ability to promote healthy, strong hair.


60 x 15ml sachets = 39 days supply. Also available in 30 sachets.


Always read the label before use. Before taking any supplements, please consult with your medical team.

    • Silicea Kollagen Plus contains nutrients that provide a radiant, smoother, more vital complexion: Bioactive collagen peptides reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase the elasticity and density of the skin. Hyaluronic acid and silica gel ensure intensive moisturising and cushioning. Copper and Vitamin C protect against free radicals (protection against oxidation). According to Ayurvedic tradition, lotus flowers have a nurturing effect. With mango pulp and lotus flower, giving it a deliciously fruity flavour.


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