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RefloSocks for Knee, Hip & Shoulder Pain

RefloSocks for Knee, Hip & Shoulder Pain

RefloSocks are reflexology socks offering natural pain relief for creaking knees and sore joints.


Developed by a qualified and experienced reflexologist, RefloSocks work by stimulating established reflexology zones under the feet as you walk or stand in them.


They are easy to use, drug-free, and fit in your normal shoes.

  • RefloSocks are unique reflexology socks that can help with pains caused by:

    • Osteoarthritis

    • Cartilage problems

    • Joint problems

    • Stress

    • Posture

    • Computer related repetitive strain injuries

    • Old injuries / operations


    RefloSocks can be worn inside your normal footwear – you can wear them to work, gardening , walking the dog, or just around the house like a slipper sock.


    Patented ridges on the soles ensure that the correct reflexology zones are being massaged.


    RefloSocks have been tested by people of all ages whose movement and mobility have been restricted by knee, hip and shoulder problems and many have reported great improvements. 71 % found RefloSocks helpful in improving their condition  and 71 % found RefloSocks helped alleviate their symptoms.

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