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MEME Soothing & Moisturising Scalp Mist

MEME Soothing & Moisturising Scalp Mist

MEME Soothing & Moisturising Scalp Mist nourishes, moisturises and soothes discomfort from dry and fragile scalps.


Suitable for sensitive or reactive skin, especially from cancer treatment or from wearing wigs.


  • Less sensitive scalp 
  • Soothes the scalp 
  • Nourishes the scalp



  • Cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy and targeted therapy, can damage your sensitive scalp, making it dry and itchy (desquamation), not to mention alopecia (loss of hair from the head and body). Wearing a wig can also worsen the itching and make your scalp feel uncomfortable which is why it is important to gently take care of the scalp as soon as treatment begins and until hair regrows.


    MEME's Soothing & Moisturising Scalp Mist, with its moisturising properties, will immediately soothe and nourish your sensitive scalp, alleviating the itching and dryness provoked by cancer treatments and wigs.                                                                                                    


    Thanks to its bi-phase formula (half aqueous and half oily) and to its spray format, the Scalp Mist is really light and refreshing. It's the perfect combination for anyone looking for a cooling product that soothes, moisturises and nourishes their sensitive scalp in only a few minutes.


    Easy to apply and to carry around, you can use it wherever you want and whenever you need. And thanks to its non-greasy finish, you will not have to wait until it has dried to put your wig or your pretty headscarf back on.


    While using the Scalp Mist, make sure you gently massage your scalp. This will stimulate the blood microcirculation, which can help to boost hair regrowth. Read more about the benefits of scalp massage in our article: Scalp Massage for hair growth

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