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Complete Brow Kit for Perfect Brows

Complete Brow Kit for Perfect Brows

The Complete Brow Kit from Blinks n Brows has been specifically designed for anyone that has lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy.


If you have completely lost your eyebrows it can be difficult to know exactly where to draw them onto your face. With the ID Brow tool you can re-create your perfect brow in seconds and the ID Brow powder is mineral based and waterproof so it lasts all day.


The ID Brows Kit contains:

  • Brow Shaping Tool
  • Duo Eyebrow Mineral Poweder + mini brush
  • Long brush
    • Brush through the eyebrow with the short spooly brush in the eyebrow compact
    • Line up your template choice to the highest part of your brow with the arch on your eyebrow tool
    • Apply the eyebrow powder and it will define your eyebrow
    • Tip: apply a little eyebrow serum after and comb through


    The top template is usually used for someone who has lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy or those who have over plucked. The second template is used to give more definition or shape to your brows, but you can play around and pick the shape you want to create the eyebrow that you prefer.

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