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Hydration Sachets - Boost Mixed Berry - 10 Pack

Hydration Sachets - Boost Mixed Berry - 10 Pack

If you struggle to drink enough water or are dehydrated from sickness, ViDrate hydration sachets  offer a faster way to restore a healthy level of hydration than drinking water alone.


ViDrate hydration sachets contain added vitamins, electrolytes and are zero sugar - providing tasty hydration to help you drink more water each day. ViDrate Boost is perfect for when you need a mid-afternoon booster to keep you going as it also contains 30mg of caffeine but is still made from natural ingredients and contains zero sugar.


Vidrate hydration sachets:

- Contains 30mg of Caffeine

- Added electrolytes + vitamin B5 & Vitamin B6

- Provide a vitamin boost

- Contain zero sugar and no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives

- Natural ingredients

- Suitable for vegans


Pack contains 10 x 3g sachets.

  • ViDrate has been created to help you drink more water. ViDrate is an enhanced hydration powder with added elecrolytes and vitamins.


    If you struggle with drinking water on a daily basis, especially if you are feeling nauseous from cancer treatment or if you are dehydrated from sickness and diarreah, ViDrate hydration sachets can help.


    ViDrate contains natural flavours to help make water extra tasty with zero sugar and added vitamins and electrolytes.

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