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Human Hair Eyebrows - Men - Blonde

Human Hair Eyebrows - Men - Blonde

Final Touch Brows Human Hair Eyebrows have been designed to help give confidence back to women and men who have lost their eyebrows due to cancer, medical treatment, alopecia, stress, hormonal changes or any other reason for hair loss.


False Eyebrows are 100% human hair, hand made and attached to a skin like base which is virtually invisible when adhered to the skin.​​​​


*Please note False Eyebrow Adhesive is needed to apply brows which is sold separately and can be found here

  • Final Touch Human Hair Eyebrows are made from 100% human hair. Each individual hair has been injected into a very flexible PU backing which is the closest thing to skin.


    They are available in 5 different shades - Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black/Brown. They are also available in 2 styles - 1 for women and 1 for men.


    These brows are the most superior false eyebrow on the market.​​


    Once applied to the skin Human Hair Eyebrows should stay on for approximately 3 days, depending on your skins acidity and oil levels.


    If these brows are looked after correctly, they should last 2 to 3 months (however we have had some clients who have had their human hair eyebrows last them 8 months). After this time the brows will need to be replaced.


    Human Hair Eyebrows are designed for those with complete hair loss. Using false eyebrows once your eyebrow hair starts to regrow may impact on the natural hair growth due to the glue which is needed to adhere the brows to your skin.


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