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Value Eyebrow Tattoos - Ladies - Black - Arched

Value Eyebrow Tattoos - Ladies - Black - Arched

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are a quick and affordable way of getting natural looking brows. Temporary eyebrow tattoos tend to last between 1-3 days and can be easily removed using facial cleanser or baby oil.


Set contains 10 pairs of removable eyebrow tattoos.

Length of one eyebrow tattoo is 2.5" / 6.5cm.

  • Temporary eyebrow tattoos are transfers that adhere to the skin and are transferred by water.


    Temporary eyebrow tattoos are waterproof and should remain intact while swimming, showering, or sweating but be careful not to scratch them or rub them with a towel. Simply pat your forehead dry when you needed.


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