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Nausea Remedies - Eating with chemo nausea

In this video Alyx Stewart, founder of the Centre for Cancer Nutrition shares her top tips for maintaining vital nutrition, if you or a loved one is experiencing chemo nausea.

The Centre for Cancer Nutrition comes from real life experience, Alyx has been through breast cancer herself and suffered so terribly from treatment side effects including nausea that she lost 10kg. Alyx's experience is not unusual - chronic malnutrition is one of the hidden side effects of cancer treatment with up to 80% of cancer patients suffering from some form of malnutrition during their treatment.

Alyx believes that treatment side-effects needn't take away the enjoyment of your favourite foods and she has become the queen of adapting and modifying food to suit treatment side-effects.

The Centre for Cancer Nutrition provides recipes and foods to eat for lots of different cancer related side-effects, from taste changes through to a sore mouth, but in this video Alyx focusses specifically on the types of food to try if you're suffering from nausea as well as some hints and tips for eating with nausea.

Alyx has written several cook books (also available as e-books), sharing how to modify and adapt the consistency of food so it agrees with treatment side-effects.


CancerPal has a wide range of products that have been recommended to help relieve nausea as well as a range of Nausea Relief Care Boxes.


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