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Wooden Wide Tooth Comb

Wooden Wide Tooth Comb

If you are going through chemotherapy treatment it's important to treat hair as gently as possible and this wooden wide tooth comb is great for gentle detangling.


Made from natural wood which is gentler than plastic combs. Wood is also naturally antistatic.


Wide teeth create less friction compared to a standard comb.

  • A wooden and wide tooth comb is far gentler for hair and scalp.


    The larger teeth and gaps help remove knots without pulling or snagging hair. A wide-tooth comb also causes less friction compared to a normal fine tooth comb meaning the wide tooth comb is gentler on the hair and can help to prevent breakage.


    Using a regular comb can cause hair damage and split ends but the large gaps between the teeth of a wide tooth comb reduce the chance of pulling and breaking your hair, thus reducing split ends.


    A wide tooth comb is also gentler on the scalp because the nibs of the teeth have a larger surface area, so less friction is applied to the scalp as you comb, leaving your scalp feeling massaged and soothed rather than scratched.


    Wooden hairbrushes and combs don’t conduct electricity, so you don't get the static cling that comes with plastic combs and which can be particularly damaging to hair.


    Wooden combs can also aid in the conditioning of your hair. Sebum oils need to travel from your scalp to the ends of your hair and wooden combs naturally help to bring oils from the scalp all the way to the tips of your hair.

  • Total length of the comb is approximately 19cm in length by 5.5cm in width.

    This comb is made in 1 piece rather than some 2 piece combs where the tooth part of the comb is glued to the handle which means it's not as strong and can easily crack.

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