Thymuskin Regeneration Shampoo

Thymuskin Regeneration Shampoo

Thymuskin regeneration shampoo is supportive in the treatment of seborrhoeic eczema. Thymuskin Regeneration is gentle on the scalp and is particularly suitable for;


- dandruff

- regenerative scalp care

- a fatty hairline

- redness

- itching

- inherited hair loss


  • Thymuskin Regeneration contains the agent combination of GKL-02 thymus peptides and the herbal ingredients terpinen from the tea tree, as well as willow extract with salicylic acid. The synergistic thymic peptide-keratolytic effect provides anti inflammatory and regenerative properties.

    Thymuskin Regeneration is;

    - free of parabene, silicone, perfume and bovine ingredients

    - dermatalogically tested

    - PH- value skin friendly

    - Can be used together with any Thymuskin Serum, Classic, Forte or Med