Theracrampes Spray

Theracrampes Spray

Combined with natural plant extracts Theracrampes Spray helps to relieve night leg cramps and in some cases can even prevent them.


Contains arnica, menthol and natural plant extracts.




Always read the label before use.

  • Cramp is not only debilitating, but it can also be painful, distressing and disruptive to your sleep. This 100% natural spray can be applied as soon as it starts. The mist dries quickly to a light film and contains arnica, menthol and natural plant extracts. 

    Cramps are intense contractions, involuntary and extremely unpleasant. Theracrampes can be useful to help a range of cramping experiences including:

    • Persons who have chronic problems of comfort in the legs.
    • Elderly people suffering from cramps due to old age.
    • Weight bearing related cramps.
    • Sports cramps.