RefloSocks for Back and Neck Pain

RefloSocks for Back and Neck Pain


RefloSocks are reflexology socks offering natural pain relief for back ache and stiff necks.


Developed by a qualified and experienced reflexologist, RefloSocks work by stimulating established reflexology zones under the feet as you walk or stand in them.


They are easy to use, drug-free, and fit in your normal shoes.

  • RefloSocks are unique reflexology socks. They are the only product of their kind to specifically target back and neck pain.

    RefloSocks can be worn inside your normal footwear – you can wear them to work, gardening , walking the dog, or just around the house like a slipper sock.

    Patented ridges on the soles ensure that the correct reflexology zones are being massaged.

    In trials 7 out of 10 wearers have reported having to take fewer painkillers when worn two or three times a week for three to four hours. Users of RefloSocks have reported relief from aches and pains, better mobility, improved sleep, more energy and improved circulation.