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Queasy Drops Plus

Queasy Drops Plus

Queasy Drops Plus have been recommended to us by many cancer patients to help ease the nausea associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Queasy Drops Plus can also help with general queasiness, bad taste in the mouth and dry mouth.


Developed by health care professionals, Queasy Drops Plus are safe and natural.


This variety pack contains 21 lozenges in 3 natural flavours: Ginger Honey, Lemon Honey & Eucalyptus Honey.


Queasy drops are also available in Assorted and Sour Raspberry flavour.


Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts.

  • Queasy Drops Plus contain powerful essential oils proven to relieve nausea from motion sickness, travel sickness, and chemotherapy. They are completely natural, drug free, and 100% safe for kids and adults. Queasy Drops Plus are also a great way to help with a dry mouth and they also provide a nice energy boost.

    Each piece is Gluten Free and individually wrapped to stay fresh wherever you go. Made with real honey and pectin.

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